Revel in a genuinely rural and regaled experience at The Farmhouse.

Located halfway between Kyneton and Daylesford, and surrounded by some of Victoria’s finest wineries, quaintest farmers markets, richest dining experiences and most awe-inspiring views, The Farmhouse is a labour of love for internationally lauded landscape designer, Paul Bangay.

Nestled off the well-worn tourist track The Farmhouse is set 100 metres from the Main House and garden of Stonefields, Paul’s country residence and is surrounded by two large paddocks within which Paul’s herd of rare breed British White cattle roam freely.

The Farmhouse boasts four bedrooms, two with an ensuite, a large sitting room complete with wood fire heater, open-plan kitchen and generous – yet inviting – dining room.

Chic and comfortable by design, the furnishings provide generous proportions, luxe furnishing and the international design that has influenced Paul’s own home. Surrounded by French doors, each room looks out onto either vast swathes of flowering perennials or cascading groves of crab apples, fruit trees and the large vegetable garden.

The Farmhouse next to Stonefields has allowed Paul to invite guests to enjoy a walk around Stonefields iconic main garden during their stay. This once in a lifetime opportunity – for the weary traveller, garden aficionado and day-tripper alike – offers a glimpse into the magic and majesty of Paul’s design.
Located an hour twenty mins from Melbourne, The Farmhouse is the perfect corner of the universe to laze away today, or use as a base between hightailing it to the heart of the activities and attractions within this vast, lush Victorian region tomorrow.

Boasting the best of the area, without the deafening buzz, a visit to The Farmhouse is one to share with friends, or enjoy in solitude.

Let The Farmhouse become your home. Even if just for a few sublime days.

Dear Paul,

“We are writing to thank you again for a wonderful stay this weekend.

The house was just beautiful. It was so clean, comfortable, well appointed and so so relaxing. We honestly can’t think of anything you have forgotten, or could have done better.

Being city folk we really enjoyed the openness of the view, and the sight of the pretty flowers from every room. We also enjoyed watching the cattle who are most entertaining in a “watch very closely” for action kind of way.

Your own garden is such a delight. We felt we knew what to expect (having lived with your book for some months now) but were just enthralled by the beauty of the garden. There were surprises at every turn and I found myself with a big smile on my face as I walked around. What a talent to bring such joy to people.

Thank you again for the honour of being the first paying guests. From two very satisfied customers,”

Warm regards Sam and Jan North

Stonefields by the Seasons

‘To live a life led by the seasons is to live one closely tied to a garden, and Stonefields is mine.’

Paul Bangay’s celebrated Victorian property, Stonefields, has now been under his expert care for 15 years. Today, the garden is mature and more beautiful than ever – from the vibrant autumn colours in the woodland and evocative dormancy of winter to the jubilant flowering of the crab apple in springtime and perpetual rich harvest of produce. In Stonefields by the Seasons, Paul takes the reader through the garden at different times of year to highlight the design principles he has applied to various parts of it, and the wide-ranging inspirations for his choices. Along the way, he gives practical advice on seasonal planting and outlines essential quarterly tasks.

Available for pre-order now – will ship from 3 November 2020

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The Garden at Stonefields

‘A truly great garden should enrich your soul, and those of many others – hopefully for generations to come.’

This is celebrated landscape designer Paul Bangay’s inspirational story of creating Stonefields, one of Australia’s most beautiful country gardens. The Garden at Stonefields reveals the triumphs and trials of designing and building this extraordinary house and garden – Paul’s most challenging and personal project yet. Photographed by Paul’s long-time collaborator Simon Griffiths, the stunning photos reveal the evolution of the site from conception to completion, and capture the unique beauty of each area of the garden. The book also features extracts from Paul’s personal diary, an intimate and compelling account of dealing with drought, bushfires and the threat of mining in contemporary rural Australia.

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